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The Answer To: “How Do You Know What To Say When Mentoring People?”
   Listen   (64 min)   STOP IT! Video  
EGO: Does Not Exist in a State of Positive Emotions
   Listen   (95 min)    
$100,000 Success Formula:
On A Scale of 1 to 10:
1. The Number of People You Talk to Daily
2. The Quality of the People You Talk To
3. How Much People Like You
4. Your Skill & Knowledge Level
5. Your Success Thermostat
Multiply all 5 to see Your Success Factor
    Listen   (51 min)    
How to Lighten Your 500 Pound Phone
    Listen   (39 min)
How to Craft Your PERFECT Self-Talk – Ken Klemm
    Listen   (53 min)
What Factors Influence Your Business?
    Listen   (67 min)   
Leadership: Is NOT Just for People at the Top
    Listen   (55 min)
Time Management & Client Card File System – Sarah Thompson
    Listen   (65 min)
Who To Spend Your “TIME” With – Sarah Thompson
    Listen   (50 min)       
Proving the Power of Thought
    Watch   (7 min)
You Cannot Stop the Ticking Clock – Richard Dennis
     Watch      (55 min)
Michael’s #1 Biggest Secret
    Listen   (18 min)
The 3 Most Powerful Words
    Listen   (21 min)
Positive Mastermind vs. Evil Influence
    Listen   (53 min)
Pull-Through/Permission Marketing  vs. Push Marketing
    Listen   (17 min)

Do You Want to be Right…or Rich?
    Listen   (36 min)
Compensation Plan Breakage
    Listen   (59 min)
Are You Coachable?
    Listen   (28 min)