Having trouble listening to our audios
or watching our videos?

Please don't email us. There is nothing
wrong with our audios or videos.
We test them all after we post them.

An alternative to streaming:
Download the MP3 or WMV files to
Your player or computer.
Then You can listen offline.
You can delete the file when You're done,
or save it if You want to hear it again.
(Our server REALLY appreciates this!)

For Help with Streaming:
First, make sure Your browser's
default media player is either
Microsoft's Media Player (PC) or
Apple's QuickTime (Mac).

Listening or watching over the internet
(streaming) requires a lot of resources:
Our server may be handling requests from others.
Your internet provider may be experiencing high traffic.
Your internet connection may be slow or faulty.
Your computer may not have enough free memory
to buffer the stream.
Your computer may be trying to perform
too many tasks.

Let's kill a myth right now:
Computers do not multi-task (neither do You),
They switch between tasks very rapidly - and
appear to multi-task if You have enough free memory.

Some questions for You:
When was the last time You shut Your computer down?
(Like all machines, they need some rest.)
When was the last time You cleared Your
browser's cache?
(Those temporary files add up over time.)
How many windows do You have open?
(Shut some down - they tie-up memory.)
How many utilities are running in the background?
(They slow things down.)


One more thing:
Our websites perform best with
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.
(Firefox and others have too many issues.)

Ken Klemm, Webmaster

Ken Klemm & Stephen Bertrand
Ken with Stephen Bertrand

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